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Echocardiographic detection of a conspicuous left ventricular endocardial calcification is an unusual mode of presentation.
The device will not enter the Japanese market until it has been well-established in the US and Europe, although market growth is expected to be strong once endocardial LAA devices enter this space.
Yet, as groundbreaking as this is, nContact views this advance as part of an industry progression towards a standalone cardiac ablation market that utilizes combination therapies that access both the epicardial and endocardial surfaces as a means to more effectively treat arrhythmias.
Lot 11: Electrode ventricular endocardial bipolar, screw hidden, 6f.
On September 23, 2004, Endocardial Solutions and St.
1 to Endocardial Solutions' Form 10-K for the year ended December 31, 2003, filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission.
Once there, the electrode employs steroid-elution technology that has been demonstrated to minimize the body's inflammatory response, and thus improve endocardial conductivity and reduce pacing thresholds.
The software calculates a three-dimensional right ventricular surface model automatically from the endocardial contours in the 3D data set.
The software tracks the endocardial border of the ventricle in three dimensions, thus providing a model that represents the true geometry of the ventricle.