end-diastolic volume

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end-di·a·stol·ic vol·ume

the capacity or the amount of blood in the ventricle immediately before a cardiac contraction begins; a measurement of cardiac filling between beats, related to diastolic function.
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Even when IV volumes can be measured, this may not be an optimal marker because the relationship between ventricular end-diastolic volume and stroke volume is also influenced by ventricular contractility (Figure 2).
Key Words: pulse contour cardiac output, PiCCO, cardiac function index, milrinone, global end-diastolic volume, cardiac surgery, haemodynamic monitoring
5 End-diastolic volume, LV, ml 120 120 End-systolic volume, LV, ml 40-50 40 Stroke volume, ml 80 100 Ejection fraction, % 67 67 Cardiac output, l/min, rest 4-7 5.
212 E/Vp ratio after p for pairs F Data are represented as mean [+ or -] standard derivation ANOVA for repeated measurements factorial design test "p for factor" value represents the interaction between levosimendan administration and the rhythm factor DT--deceleration time, E--mitral early inflow velocity, IVRT--isovolumic relaxation time, LVEDV--left ventricular end-diastolic volume, LVEF--left ventricular ejection fraction, LVESV--left ventricular end-systolic volume, Vp--ventricular propagation velocity Table 3.
However Levis (13) found a high correlation between radiographic cardiac frontal area and left ventricular end-diastolic volume in patients with pure aortic valve insufficiency.
As regurgitation, particularly severe regurgitation, becomes chronic, the left ventricular end-diastolic volume increases and the end-systolic volume returns to normal (1).
Ventricular volumes were corrected for body surface area; LV end-systolic volume index and LV end-diastolic volume index were quantified.