end section

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end section,

n the distal portion of a twin-wire labial arch wire, consisting of a tube in which the anterior section of the labial arch is engaged.
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Lenders were attracted to the property's strategic location within the emerging South End section of Stamford and the high-quality sponsorship," said Alascio, a Cushman & Wakefield Managing Director.
The first to come soon is a new unisex multibrand Rodeo Drive due to open in April at the high end section of Solidere's 'Beirut Souks', to be closely followed by the awaited Tom Ford Boutique in May at the Karagulla Building corner adjacent to the Brioni Boutique.
The Via Spa and Via Lounge are located in the end section of the Helsinki-Vantaa Airport terminal extension between Gates 36 and 37.
The potentially-fatal flare was thrown 15 minutes before the end of the FA Cup game from the Grange End section at the away support but landed in the segregated area, narrowly missing a police officer.
AstenJohnson's Ecoflo system is an example of the type of system that measures and records the flows in the wet end section.
On detecting a contaminated carcass the end section of the conveyor drops down and removes the carcass from the production line.
One of the houses creates an attrctive focal point to the development with a tower-style end section providing space for a ground floor study, first floor dressing room and second floor store.
He had been trying to retrieve the end section of his fishing rod.
Closer downtown, black residents of the West End section are struggling to attract retailers into their midst.
One end section can weight up to 40 tonnes ready-machined.
PardubickEi x street railways, the end section is at the point of intersection of the I / 36 in the village BorohrEidek street HavlE[degrees]ckova x Street Square.