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The scrambling of electronic information being stored and sent so that if someone wrongly receives such information it will not be readable.
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Your encryption solution should have the capability to completely mask the true key value, so that the true key value does not ever need to be revealed to or accessible by an end user, and is never stored as clear text by the encryption application itself.
Allows for multiple levels of password recovery: administrators can recover forgotten passwords, but so can users because Encryption Plus
Between that and CESA, observers are beginning to wonder whether the United States has a consistent encryption policy at all.
An encrypted data session begins with an automatic encryption key exchange.
VSIA is pleased that the IEC has recognized Synplicity's open IP encryption methodology with a DesignVision Award," said Kathy Werner, president of the VSIA.
Vendors see encryption technology as mature and ready for primetime, but users remain wary
NTP Software Encryption Sentinel[TM] allows an organization to designate sensitive data on their storage hosts and it then ensures that this data, after the existing network security rules have been applied, can only be copied to or read by an encrypted client, regardless of whether the data is encrypted on its storage host.
ZixCorp's strong presence in the finance sector and the company's relationships with the banking regulators gave us the confidence we needed to make a quick decision for email encryption service.
Simultaneously, Verdasys is announcing the launch of its beta-program for enterprise customers which integrates the patented Adaptive Transparent Encryption technology with Digital Guardian core solution to provide the world's first secure virtual perimeter, controlling data wherever it's accessed or used across the extended enterprise.
Innovative Policy & Key Management Architecture Eliminates the Traditional Limitations and Issues Associated with Router-Based Encryption Solutions
ZixCorp's Email Encryption Service reduces the risk of data leaks, prevents potential security flaws and protects private customer information, all of which have been the focus of recent government regulations such as HIPAA, GLBA and various state privacy laws.
Siafu Sypher [TM] Tape Encryption Appliances Combine Compression with Encryption to Help Eliminate the Hidden Costs of Backup Software Encryption