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De l'avis de Abbas Tanji, chercheur agronome, il faut encourager davantage la couverture agricole.
I'd' likek to encourager residents who can sparer a couple of hoursr to help makek our local arear a nicer place to livei .
beaucoup moins que]La justice sociale se realise a travers trois principaux axes : dynamiser l'economie, encourager l'investissement et creer des emplois pour ameliorer le niveau de vie [beaucoup plus grand que], a precise Dr Galal.
Groupon (NASDAQ: GRPN) said it has partnered with small business encourager SCORE on a series of online educational resources about customer acquisition, retention and marketing for small businesses.
He is also an organiser and encourager of young talent.
It will encourager people to share their expertise, creating connections between new and well-established growing schemes.
These days they are mainly held at schools, but in the past factories were a big encourager of sporting activities.
Pop singer, classical musician, Jungle Babe, astronomy enthusiast, bikini model, shampoo-ad alien life-form, and now make-over encourager.
En outre, le Forum vise Ea encourager la participation des citoyens Ea la vie politique et Ea la consolidation de la dE[umlaut]mocratie dans le Royaume.
A reference to my biographical dictionary shows that the admiral was shot on the ship Monarque in Portsmouth and to quote Voltaire "pour encourager les autres".
The temporary expulsion of Coun Alan Sambrook may have been required "pour encourager les autres".
Be ready for rain, frost, wet wood, short water supply, adjust your traveling speed to the slowest person, and be an encourager.