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One who uses software to apply ICD-9-CM or CPT/HCPCS codes to medical conditions and procedures.
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Grass ValleyTM Unveils New Decoder and Encoder II-38
Hardware designers receive Verilog RTL source code, Verilog behavioral models, a comprehensive test suite, synthesis scripts, and documentation for integrating the JPEG2000 Encoder into a system-on-chip.
According to Ranger's Campbell, "Servo defines a combination of motor and controls, consisting of an actual servomotor and an encoder in a closed-loop feedback system.
This study covers the global broadcast and digital terrestrial transmission (DTT) video encoders market.
The Xenon Mobile Multimedia Delivery Platform, which includes Xenon Streamer, Xenon Offline Encoder and Xenon Live Encoder, provides mobile operators, content providers and handset manufacturers with the tools they need to create and launch advanced 3G multimedia services such as music, TV and on-demand video and audio.
The three original software products Dolby Media Encoder (network version), Dolby Media Decoder, and Dolby Media Tools are available as a bundled software package, referred to as Dolby Media Producer suite.
EGT's ENCORE (premium MPEG-2 encoder with embedded cascade multiplexing and DPI) and HEMi (Head End Micro edge encoder) deliver the most powerful capabilities in programmable open platforms, allowing video service providers to leverage existing infrastructure to meet the needs of their rapidly changing video marketplace.
The ATEME MPEG-4 AVC Professional Software Encoder is available to professional end-users, integrators and OEMs.
The new encoder enhancements also lead to significantly improved speech quality and multi-channel audio fidelity at even lower bit rates.
We are excited to be working with austriamicrosystems with their new absolute AS5040 series encoder technology," said David Madore, CEO of US Digital.
Our latest generation MPEG-2 HD encoder, the DiviCom MV 500, is the most efficient and highest quality platform in its class, while the standard definition MV 100 is the world's most widely deployed multi-codec real-time encoder.
BiSS runs faster than current alternatives, and it allows for remote encoder diagnostics.