enclosed space

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en·closed space

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However, there is little question that wireless devices are proliferating wildly, and, to date, there have been only a few studies on the cumulative effects on people of a large number of radiation-emitting devices used in enclosed spaces.
Burning charcoal in an enclosed space can produce lethal carbon monoxide.
A city council spokesman said: "The Arcade is not considered an enclosed space so staff can smoke outside premises.
Up to now paramilitaries have paid little heed to the pulmonary health of bystanders as they let loose volleys of shots in enclosed spaces, resulting in innocent people being forced to breathe in the noxious fumes from bullet propellants.
I mean, leather tightens in an enclosed space, I'm told.
Writer-director-series creator Victor Salva spends the middle third of the movie exploring the terror-tweaking possibilities of enclosed space.
A fitting venue for a show on this order, Pier 88 boasts 70,000 SF of glass enclosed space right off of West 48th Street.
The condition for the existence of intetpassivity is, of course, sufficient authenticity: If Big Brother (the current television hit that puts a group of normal people in the abnormal situation of living together in an enclosed space whose every corner is monitored by a camera) were scripted and played by professional actors, it wouldn't be compelling enough for anyone to watch.
had its moments of humor and pathos, but nobody who breathes the polluted air of New York City on a daily basis appreciates being stuck in an enclosed space with a gas-powered lawn mower.
Prolitec's computer-controlled system Air/Q system works by converting the ARIA formulation into non-toxic, micro-droplets less than 1/100th the diameter of a human hair to instantly create a sanitizing vapor throughout the enclosed space.
Two people had been sleeping rough in the tunnel and they weren't very pleased when we turned up for the second time, but the fires were a danger in an enclosed space.
There is a higher risk of such accidents during the `fit out' phases of building projects when workers are in the same enclosed space up against tight deadlines.