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Encapsulation Technologies and Delivery Systems for Food Ingredients and Nutraceuticals provides a comprehensive guide to current and emerging techniques.
According to SEMI, liquid encapsulation materials accounted for ~2% of the market share of the global semiconductor materials market in 2014.
If a highly sintered/fused encapsulation zone is to be formed around the channel and kept in tact, differential stress must be kept to a minimum.
To reach a favorable conclusion with respect to the encapsulation costs, the IRS must have concluded that such costs, unlike the removal costs, did not enable the taxpayer to adapt the property to a new and different use.
OLED display and lighting panel manufacturers will learn from this report, how recent leaps forward in encapsulation technology are enabling new applications for OLEDs, such as televisions and larger lighting panels for the office.
North America dominates the global Food Encapsulation Market, while emerging economies in Asia-pacific show lot of untapped potential for this market in near future.
Accordinly to the TAM, the removal expenditures "permanently eliminated the health risks," but the encapsulation expenditures "did not eliminate the threat of exposure.
High-temperature resistance characteristics (glass transition temperature of the encapsulation material): up to 210AC (our conventional products: 170 to 180AC)
The global food encapsulation market is segmented according to major application into dairy, beverages, bakery, confectionery, dietary supplements, functional food, animal nutrition and others.
Taking a cue from nature, in which encapsulation processes evolved to protect materials from the environment by engulfing them in a protective shell, the encapsulation field has focused on the properties and behaviors of nanocapsules, nanocontainers, and other nanoscale applications in the pharmaceutical, agricultural, food, and cosmetics industries.
Tokyo, Feb 15, 2013 - (JCN) - Nitto Denko Corporation has developed a new thermosetting thermal resistant encapsulation sheet for LED which can contribute to a dramatic improvement of LED devices in terms of quality, reliability and productivity by replacing the conventional liquid-type encapsulation materials.
11 January 2010 - Kemin Industries Inc has acquired encapsulation technology and products sold via distribution by Soda Feed Ingredients, it has been announced.