emotional field

emotional field,

n in energy medicine, one of the ethereal layers associated with conceptualization, thought, rationalization, and event interpretation. Because the physical and emotional fields are interconnected, emotions influence physical well-being. See also physical level.
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It glows as evenly as an infinity pool or refracts into rainbow effects and sunspots, each with its own emotional field and index of meaning.
It comes as close as you can get to a purely emotional field of collecting.
The battle against oral cancer is not only fought with drugs, radiation, and surgery; it is fought on the emotional field as well.
By the end of Gordon's memoir, the recourse to painting as a way into the emotional field of her mother and other family characters is almost too familiar, whereas the story of the family, no matter how often told by Gordon, remains powerful enough to bind the reader to the paradoxes of human complexity.
He added: "It puts you right in the gravitational field and the emotional field of the loneliness of protest.