emotional distress

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emotional distress

Intentional infliction of emotional distress, Outrage tort Malpractice adjective Referring to a civil action against a person who allegedly said or did something so completely outrageous or insulting to the plaintiff that he/she suffered emotional damage. See Damages, Malpractice, Medical malpractice. Cf Punitive damages.

Patient discussion about emotional distress

Q. He is very upset. I want to help him. What can I do for him? I’m Zakary from Canada. My cousin is 29 years old male, his weight is ok but he is looking too thin and he looks like a school boy. His gf refuses to go out with him due to his appearance. He is very upset. I want to help him. What can I do for him?

A. Is he depressed?

Q. I’m very upset. Plz give me any suggestion. My 3 year old kid is showing some symptoms of Fibromyalgia. I want to know the best way to cure fibromyalgia in children, or at least ease the pain. I’m very upset. Plz give me any suggestion.

A. fibromyalgia is a rare disease. and to determine very decisively that your 3 year old son has it- well...i would consider something else first. and if you are so worried- go see a doc to check him out.

Q. I’ve been having an upset stomach for the last 2 days, what can it be? I’ve been vomiting and had a fever going on and off, diarrhea, the works… could it be dangerous? What can it be? What can I do to calm it?

A. Man, what you describe can be anything. Most likely you got some sort of bacteria or viral infection. If it doesn’t get better in the next few days go to a Dr.. in the mean while eat rice, avoid vegetables and raw foods and drink a lot of water. And I mean a lot. The biggest problem of vomiting and diarrhea is dehydration. Take care!

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This charity ensures that children experiencing emotional distress can access the confidential support they need in times of hardship.
I want the five signs of emotional distress to be as con imoniy known as the major signs of a heart attack.
Younger patients, those with more recently diagnosed illness, and those with more frequent MS relapses were more likely to experience emotional distress, Dr.
Caregiver emotional distress (symptoms of depression and anxiety) and caregiver burden (difficulties due to child's illness) are associated with lower quality of life and family problems (Gage-Bouchard, Devine, & Heckler, 2013).
This reaction often leads to higher levels of emotional distress and triggers feelings to selfharm.
In Florida, two middle school-age girls (1) were recently charged with aggravated stalking, a felony; their Facebook messages allegedly caused a classmate to suffer emotional distress that led to her suicide.
Adolescents who had late school year bedtimes in Wave I were more likely to have emotional distress in Wave III.
For major depression, the factors with the greatest impact on work-related outcomes were insomnia and hypersomnia (sleeping too much), indecisiveness, and severe emotional distress.
CAN A PHLEGM-COVERED BURGER cause you emotional distress if you never eat it?
Weinberger failed to comply with the applicable standard of care and that as a direct and proximate result of his acts and omissions, Mark suffered and would continue to suffer future "great pain, emotional distress and mental trauma.
Dispatchers who answer emergency calls suffer emotional distress that can lead to symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder, according to a study in the April Journal of Traumatic Stress.
Despite this increased attention to control these troublesome symptoms in patients with cancer, there have been no concerted efforts to address the assessment of emotional distress based on psychometric measures particularly developed for cancer patients.