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Thomas A., U.S. gynecologist, 1828-1919. See: Emmet needle, Emmet operation.
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Robert Emmet was responsible for the Dublin side of a rebellion planned to coincide with the renewal of war between Britain and France in 1803.
A large part of the romance of Robert Emmet involves his relationships with two young women who subsequently acquired the status of tragic heroines in popular tradition.
The other young woman was Sarah Curran, with whom Emmet had been conducting a secret romance.
Besides the speech, Emmet left behind few written words and nearly all were written in the last few days of his life.
Much of the Emmet legend revolves around the contrast of the noble young man writing such words within hours of execution, and a tyrannical government sending in spies, in the guise of friends and legitimate clergymen to extract information which might then be used in the propaganda battle.
On September 20th, Emmet was hanged and beheaded at a makeshift gallows in front of St Catherine's Church in Thomas Street.
With the Union of 1801 and the decline in militant republicanism a new climate emerged in which the legend of Robert Emmet was to flourish.
Emmet had been much admired by fellow students at Trinity and his fate made a particular impression on this generation of intellectuals.
However, his works on Ireland are more radical than sometimes recognised and his 'Melodies' of 1808, dedicated to Emmet, are the most radical of all.
However, more successfully than any other written text they perpetuated the Emmet legend, and were sung at every major gathering during the centenary commemorations of 1898 and 1903.
As a result of the game, Emmets place in senior ranks is now at risk (they will play Desmonds in the trap door shoot out) in their very first season back since their abortive attempt failed in 1984.