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Nevertheless, last year, most foreign citizens emigrated to Skopje (676), Bitola (83), Ohrid (61), Prilep (52) and Tetovo (50).
LIFE-CHANGING: Dorothy Street, aged two, when she emigrated to Canada with her father, in 1924, on board the Canadian Pacific line''s Montclare ON THE MOVE: The Clark family in 1926 on board the Canadian Pacific line''s Montclare
Tom and Pearl emigrated to Canada in 1957 to be with their children, who had all settled there.
We emigrated as a family in 2001 because we wanted to start a new life in Australia," Moran told the Mercury.
Not all Korean-Americans interviewed Monday felt comfortable criticizing the government in Pyongyang, including a 72-year-old man who emigrated from South Korea 29 years ago.
Born of an assimilated French speaking Jewish family in Algeria on July 15, 1930, he emigrated to France to study philosophy in 1950 and in 1957 made his first visit to the United States, to which he would be linked by the stars.
Part I demonstrates that although there were important regional variations among men and women in Italy as workers, family members and potential migrants, women were not "passive dependents, or 'housewives,' waiting in idleness for remittances sent by emigrated men.
Markopoulos (1928-1992) was of the one of the key figures in American avant-garde cinema between 1947 and 1967, when he emigrated to Europe and withdrew his films from circulation.
In a brief history of the emigration, McMillin explains that people emigrated from Belarus to avoid starvation at the turn of the nineteenth century.
With his family, Kurt emigrated from Austria (before World War II, he likes to note
Born in Great Britain, Bishop Sperry emigrated to Canada in 1960, serving parishes in Kugluktuk (formerly Coppermine) and Fort Smith.
Oil worker Gordon, 34, and Angela, 29, of Shandwick in the Highlands, were on a three-month trip to see Mrs Ross's parents, who had emigrated from Aberdeen almost 30 years ago.