emergency medical service

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emergency medical service (EMS)

a network of services coordinated to provide aid and medical assistance from primary response to definitive care, involving personnel trained in the rescue, stabilization, transportation, and advanced treatment of traumatic or medical emergencies. Linked by a communication system that operates on both a local and a regional level, EMS is a tiered system of care, which is usually initiated by citizen action in the form of a telephone call to an emergency number. Subsequent stages include the emergency medical dispatch, first medical responder, ambulance personnel, medium and heavy rescue equipment, and paramedic units, if necessary. In the hospital, service is provided by emergency department nurses, emergency department physicians, specialists, and critical care nurses and physicians. See also emergency medical technician, emergency medical technician-advanced life support, emergency medical technician-intermediate, emergency medical technician-intravenous, emergency medical technician-paramedic.

emergency medical service

A system, created by the US government in 1973 that provides emergency care intimately linked to a universal emergency telephone number, 911; the care is provided from vehicles, ie ambulance or helicopter, by certified and licensed personnel–eg, emergency medical technicians, in restricted geographic regions; EMS services include: emergency medical communications, transportation, disaster plans, consumer training programs. See Air ambulance, EMT-A, EMT-D, EMT-I. Cf First responder.
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Toronto Emergency Medical Services, Toronto, Ontario, Canada; ([dagger]) Sunnybook and Women's College Health Sciences Centre, Toronto, Ontario, Canada; ([double dagger]) McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada; and ([section]) North York General Hospital, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
CONTACT: Nathan Williams of Missouri Emergency Medical Services Association, +1-573-239-0400, or Naemt@cs.
The Kansas Board of Emergency Medical Services exists, primarily, to ensure that quality out-of-hospital care is available throughout Kansas.
Assemblyman Dario Frommer, D-Glendale, is calling on the state Department of Health Services and Emergency Medical Services Authority to complete a study that will assess the sale or closure of these hospitals.
As is customary, Regions Hospital Emergency Medical Services physicians, nurses and staff will wash all metropolitan-area emergency medical and police vehicles that stop by, while the vehicle's crew enjoys a barbecue buffet compliments of the hospital.
County fire paramedics said emergency room crowding reached a critical stage about two years ago, when wait times to drop off patients averaged an hour to 1 1/2 hours, said Mike Metro, chief of emergency medical services for the Los Angeles County Fire Department.
I started this business 15 years ago because, as a firefighter and paramedic, I saw the need for quality emergency medical services.
We don't have a good system in America,'' admitted Jim Crabtree, the disaster training specialist with the Los Angeles County Emergency Medical Services Agency, who led the visiting group.
1) first aid equipment of emergency medical services (1 Unit)
The money would be used to fund the countywide system of trauma centers, emergency medical services and bioterrorism response.
According to McCabe, there are also barriers within the emergency medical services system that contribute to the problem.
Emergency Medical Services Corporation (EMSC or the Company) today announced that it will provide an audio webcast of its conference call for bond/debt holders and other interested parties to discuss results for its third quarter ending September 30, 2011, on Tuesday, November 15, 2011.

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