emergency medical dispatcher

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emergency medical dispatcher (EMD),

A telecommunicator with training in medical care who is allowed to use predetermined medical protocols to both dispatch correct resources to an emergency scene and to give instructions to victims and bystanders before arrival of first responders.
See also: dispatch life support.
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Welsh Ambulance Service dispatcher Teresa Ross has been named The Academy of International Dispatch's Emergency Medical Dispatcher of the Year after coping with unusual calls from two women in labour.
What does a career as an emergency medical dispatcher involve?
For the month of October, residents will see many Toronto Paramedic Services paramedics, emergency medical dispatcher and operations support employees wearing pink slip-on epaulettes.
The MPDS has been developed through evidence-based research, and the literature shows that where priority dispatch systems are used, and compliance and quality assurance controls are in place, the system is more effective at triaging calls correctly than an emergency medical dispatcher.
Emergency medical dispatcher Ken Midgley was humble in receipt of such praise.
Luckily, teenage emergency medical dispatcher Rhys Griffiths was on the other end of the phone talking them through the birth last month.
Emergency medical dispatcher Ken Midgley talked the couple through the birth.
ON CALL: Emergency medical dispatcher Sally Ward mans the phone at the West Midlands Ambulance Service operations centre in Dudley; PRIORITY: Emergency operations centre manager Steve Elliker (left) and Barry Johns, chief executive of West Midlands Ambulance ServiceBUSY: Reporter Peter Magill being shows the ropes at the call centre and (above) the centre headquarters in Dudley
Photo: (color) Certified emergency medical dispatcher Sheree Speirs answers calls at the Ventura County Fire Communications Center in Camarillo.
Emergency medical dispatcher (EMD) Abdul-Hamid Mohamed Ameen won the "Dispatcher of the Year'" award by the International Academy of Emergency Dispatch (IAED) during the annual Middle East Navigators conference held in Doha recently.
Kelsey Morgan, who is a emergency medical dispatcher at Cheshire and Merseyside emergency control, took the 999 call.
Maria Spurr, 24, an emergency medical dispatcher with West Midlands Ambulance Service, had completed her training only two weeks earlier when she took the 999 call on Friday.

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