morning after pill

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A high-dose oestrogen pill given in the early post-ovulatory period to prevent implantation of a potentially fertilised egg after unprotected intercourse

morn·ing af·ter pill

(mōr'ning af'tĕr pil)
An oral medication, consisting of two pills taken 12 hours apart that, when taken by a woman within 2-3 days after intercourse, reduces the probability that she will become pregnant.
Synonym(s): emergency contraceptive, emergency hormonal contraception, postcoital contraception.
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David Tait, head of medicines management at the Nuneaton-based North Warwickshire Primary Care Trust, said: "The majority of young people call emergency hormonal contraception the 'morning after' pill.
The effectiveness of emergency hormonal contraception is now well-established, but nausea and vomiting complicate its use and may limit drug absorption and patient compliance.
Some pharmacies in Newcastle also offer free emergency hormonal contraception.
Marston C, Meltzer H and Majeed A, Impact on contraceptive practice of making emergency hormonal contraception available over the counter in Great Britain: repeated cross sectional surveys, British Medical Journal, 2005, 331(7511):271 <http://bmj.
Women across Leamington, Warwick, Rugby, Kenilworth and Stratford can now pick up the Emergency Hormonal Contraception (EHC) through branches of Boots and other chemists in the area.
The provision of professional advice and access to contraception, including emergency hormonal contraception, is just one part of the Bridgend sexual health strategy action plan, but it provides a firm foundation from which to develop other aspects of the strategy.
But the Health Authority has turned down a scheme proposed by the Flintshire Local Health Group for another approach to tackling the problem - by making emergency hormonal contraception, the "morning after pill", available through pharmacists.
Clinical question How will readily available self-administered emergency hormonal contraception affect women's reproductive behavior?
Overall, the 294 respondents estimated that they had prescribed emergency hormonal contraception 1,009 times in the prior 12 months, for a mean of 3.
EARLIER this month Health Minister Edwina Hart announced all pharmacies across Wales will be able to offer emergency hormonal contraception free of charge from April.
Many provide emergency hormonal contraception sometimes known as the morning after pill ( some even free of charge.
The pills, known as Emergency Hormonal Contraception, are provided through chemists including branches of Boots in Leamington and Warwick.
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