emergency department

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an unlooked for or sudden occurrence, often dangerous, such as an accident or an urgent or pressing need.
emergency department an area of a hospital especially equipped and staffed for emergency care. Popularly called emergency room.
emergency medical technician (EMT) a provider of emergency care (health care at the basic life support level); this may include spinal immobilization, administration of oxygen, and control of bleeding. In some states there are modular training programs where an EMT can add skills to the basic level.

emergency department (ED)

(in a health care facility) a section of an institution that is staffed and equipped to provide rapid and varied emergency care, especially for those who are stricken with sudden and acute illness or who are the victims of severe trauma. The emergency department may use a triage system of screening and classifying clients to determine priority needs for the most efficient use of available personnel and equipment. Formerly called emergency room.

e·mer·gen·cy de·part·ment

(ē-mĕr'jĕn'sē dĕ-pahrt'mĕnt)
That section of a hospital or other health care facility that is designed, staffed, and equipped to treat injured people and those afflicted with sudden, severe illness.
Synonym(s): emergency room.

Emergency Department



The unit of a hospital in which acute, severe, or urgent illnesses and/or injuries are treated.
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Hospital specific emergency department information is expected to be published on the AIHW's MyHospitals website in early December.
In most emergency departments, walk-in patients are evaluated by a triage nurse and then go through a registration process before being taken to a treatment bed.
Address for correspondence: Stewart Chan, Accident and Emergency Department, Prince of Wales Hospital, 30-32 Ngan Shing Street, Shatin NT, Hong Kong; fax: 852-2337-3226; email: saukau@netvigator.
Approximately 30% of emergency department workers without SARS-CoV infection in this study had clinical symptoms and signs similar to those of SARS during this epidemic.
An understanding of the entire emergency department and its relationship with other departments.
We recommend that hospitals take the following building preparation and engineering steps to prepare for an emerging infectious disease: 1) complete an assessment of their current facilities and capabilities; 2) ensure that current blueprints of the facility's ventilation system are always accessible to facilitate expedient changes; 3) work with all relevant departments, including the proposed wards, ICU, and emergency department, to develop a strategy that allows for the rapid construction or conversion of the maximum number of private, negative-pressure rooms; and 4) identify in advance a timeline and areas of responsibility for constructing the maximum number of private rooms.
The emergency department is open 24 hours a day, so a dilemma develops in providing a standardized level of quality.
The company's Amelior[TM] software suite includes Amelior ED[TM], a comprehensive emergency department information system, and automatic patient and asset tracking software to meet emergency department, surgical and enterprise level needs of healthcare facilities.
HCFA emphasizes that it is the hospital's responsibility to make certain that the emergency department is adequately staffed and that staff members are carefully trained to guarantee compliance in every instance.
Misys Healthcare Systems, a market leader in healthcare IT, and Wellsoft Corporation, a pioneer in Emergency Department Information Systems (EDIS) software, today announced a partnership to provide Misys clients with a complete IT solution that includes software for use in the emergency department.
the leading independent provider of emergency department billing services, and Advanced Data Processing, Inc.
Designed by and for emergency department clinicians, ED PulseCheck combines triage, patient tracking, physician and nursing documentation, risk management, charge documentation and capture, integrated voice recognition, prescription writing and integration with existing hospital information systems with its Web-based architecture.

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