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We recognise that patients who are discharged from hospital or are at high risk of emergency admission to hospital, are likely to experience fragmented care.
All emergency admission will be in Khoula Hospital," the circular satted.
Thompson was released from Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridge on Friday after a battery of tests ruled out the disease but failed to locate the precise cause of the severe headaches that caused his emergency admission from home in Newmarket six days earlier.
My mother paid the bribe, because she was terrified not to,' a young woman said of her uncle's emergency admission to hospital.
8), had undergone emergency admission to the Ipswich Hospital NHS Trust for the treatment of quinsy/peritonsillitis between 1990 and 1996 (patients who had established glandular fever were not included in this study).
Unplanned Transfer to Critical Care Units This item provides trend information on patients who required unplanned or emergency admission to a critical care unit from a generic patient care area.
A patient does not have to be admitted through the ER to be considered an emergency admission.
MY mother, Mrs Irene O'Brien, 91, was taken to ward nine at Prince Charles Hospital as an emergency admission quite recently.
ABOUT a quarter of bowel cancer patients in England are only diagnosed with the disease after an emergency admission to hospital, according to research.
Bono' emergency admission to hospital for an operation on his back, forced the band to cancel their appearance in Glastonbury festival.
Children with asthma there are twice as likely to have an emergency admission as sufferers in Sheffield.
Asthma UK's Rosie Newbigging said: "There are over 630,000 people with asthma in the North West and over 10,900 of these have an emergency admission each year because of their asthma.

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