hemoglobin Gower-1

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he·mo·glo·bin Gow·er-1

a Hb of molecular formula ζ2ε2, found as a minor Hb in the early embryo; disappears by the third month of pregnancy in favor of hemoglobin Gower-2 and hemaglobin Portland and then by Hb F; the ζ chain has 141 amino acid residues. Synthesis of the ζ chain is deficient in cases of hydrops fetalis. Compare: hemoglobin Gower-2, hemoglobin Portland.
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The loop then activated gene expression that produced embryonic hemoglobin in blood-forming cells from adult mice.
Issues that we are now addressing include immunostaining with embryonic hemoglobin antibodies simultaneous with genetic diagnosis on the same cell as well as the preservation of the fetal cells in maternal blood for 24 hours.
In this limited study, after some modification of our enrichment process, we were able to positively identify fetal cells by detecting embryonic hemoglobin in 88% of the samples tested.