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Although he was aware that Ms G only wanted one embryo transferred prior to the transfer, he was not aware that her decision had not been transferred to the Fertility Clinic staff who would have informed the embryologist.
An embryologist draws a single sperm into a micro-needle and then injects it directly into the mother's egg, rather than simply mixing sperm and eggs in a petri dish, as in normal IVF.
After one hour, the embryologist removes the upper portion from the tube, leaving the dead sperm and any other debris behind, and analyzes the sperm count, motility, and progression.
Physicians and embryologists from the Fertility Centers of Illinois (FCI), a leading fertility treatment practice in the US, shared techniques and expertise on infertility treatment advances at a recently held conference in Dubai.
When Katie first started at the clinic in 1997 there was herself, an embryologist and a consultant.
Principal embryologist and business manager Dave Gibbon, said: "The techniques we are offering are comparable to all the top units in the country.
Dr Samer Radi, senior embryologist and head of section at DGFC, told Gulf News the centre usually implanted two embryos and froze the rest.
Clinical embryologist, Catherine Wass, 30, said: "The new centre is a huge bonus to patients.
Karen Schnauffer, Lead Clinical Embryologist at the Hewitt Centre, has been heavily involved in the project for the past five years after the clinic was approached by technology company IMT.
Crime drama, guest starring Marlee Matlin as embryologist Dr Amy Solwey, who is accused of helping a woman take her own life.
A Midland fertility clinic has appointed a new embryologist to help more couples realise their dreams of becoming parents.
The whole thing is creepy," said Nancy Hersh, Buchweitz's lawyer in her civil suit against the clinic, its lead doctor and its former embryologist.