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11###Varanus griseus koniecznyi (Goh)###Fat is used as an embrocation in arthritis (Katchbadar in local dialect), rheumatism (Tut in local dialect) and muscle-fatigue (Raig Taal in local dialect).
Those ageing Brown pores would seem far more likely to exude a mixture of magic medical sponges, sprays and embrocation, possibly combined with a whiff of stale sweat and odour eaters from his trainers.
What with illicit sex, boyfriend troubles and broken marriages, it's amazing that the ladies of the Blues have enough energy left to slap on the embrocation, much less run out on the pitch.
You would be able to run out at Wembley in the slipstream of David Beckham's embrocation.
A Feng Shui expert will bid today to break a jinx on teams using the south dressing room at Cardiff's Millennium Stadium by filling the room with the smell of incense and sea salt instead of sweat and embrocation.
He even sold Andrews Grandmother's Embrocation Oil, an all-purpose medicament said to be 'guaranteed to cure anything short of rigor mortis'.
The Birmingham Daily Post of Tuesday, January 1, 1901 announced that: (a) Queen Victoria had commissioned a 19th century medal "as a personal memorial of the epoch which came to an end last night"; (b) an editorial began "To wish for a Happy New Year must today be added the prayer for a prosperous New Century"; and (c) Elliman's launched a new embrocation to "Begin the New Century.
Grunts, groans and sweary words echo around the empty stadium and the crowd is so close to the dressing-room they can almost smell the embrocation.
The coat is equipped with perfectly adequate hip and breast pockets in which I can keep my sandwiches, cigarettes, lighter, pens, notebook, hankies, pennies, photos, identity pass, teabags, bus tickets, lozenges, shopping lists, pocket dictionary, aspirins and embrocation, deodorant squirter, sherbert dip, volume of short stories, scarf, cap and gloves.