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adj referring to a tooth, root tip, or foreign body that is covered in bone.
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0 for Windows XP Embedded has been specially optimized for Windows XP Embedded environments where Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) play an even greater role in deployment decisions.
Embedded value can be a useful management tool that promotes long-term thinking and aligns management and stakeholder interests with value creation.
With more and more businesses looking for unique and affordable technologies, the demand for embedded systems professionals has soared.
Organizations are concerned about the ease with which their embedded software applications can be copied and stolen from their commercial, off-the-shelf platforms and replicated by competitors," said Victor DeMarines, vice president of products, V.
With our complete line of development tools, RTOS, advanced networking stacks and security software, MQX Embedded software has powered hundreds of PowerPC-based products for our customers.
We aim to provide our customers with best-of-breed technologies for embedded products, and Trolltech's software definitely falls into this category," said Nicolas Stenko, marketing manager, NeoMore.
When building solutions with Windows Embedded, our customers need to be able to take advantage of third party offerings they know they can trust," said Jane Gilson, director of Windows Mobile and Embedded Division at Microsoft.
Digi is far ahead of the curve by already implementing a real-world solution based on Windows Embedded CE 6.
As a testament to the broad adoption of AMD processors by embedded designers and the support of AMD's vision for the future in the embedded market, WIN Enterprises also announced this week that it is offering the first Single Board Computer (SBC) embedded design featuring the Second-Generation AMD Opteron processor with DDR2 memory.
Enabling application and device access rights at a high level or all the way down to device class, specific device or application to users, user groups, a particular computer and much more, Sanctuary provides administrators with the control they need and gives end users the flexibility that they demand, even for embedded environments.
We are excited Discretix has extended its support for the Windows Embedded product family, and is an active participant in the Windows Embedded Partner Program," said Jane Gilson, director, Mobile and Embedded Devices Division, Microsoft Corp.