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Shape of the ventral rim laterad to the medial emargination in broadly spatulate processes are shared by all species of the genera Dendrocoris, Procleticus, and Thoreyella (node 6 in Fig.
1): With two medial teeth separated by U-shaped emargination, and two lateral teeth, lateral teeth poorly developed, genoclypeal suture evident, with margin slightly indented; surface granulose; eyes dorsally elongated, ventrally globose.
This is how the reconstructions of Ivakhnenko (1979) and Lee (1995, 1997) depicted the skull, but in fact there is a narrow emargination between the jugal and quadratojugal (Figs.
An irregular transverse, opalescent-white band crosses the carapace anterior to the ocularium, two thin fingers of which project anteriorly to either side of the anterior emargination separated by a dark brown median line and bordered laterally by two dark brown islands.
Anal segment longer than the 9th tergum, but shorter than 8th tergum, hind margin with u-shaped emargination.
Clypeal prominence medially with shallow, triangular emargination (Fig.
Emargination between median projection and each lateral projection of frontoclypeus very narrow (Fig.
Hind tibia without lateroventral carina, apex with emargination near mucro and with 3 denticles; mucro 0.
Pronotum with disk defined from lateral lobes by gentle lateral carinae which are straight and very slightly divergent caudad; median-longitudinal carina, cut by three delicate but distinct transverse sulci; caudal margin of disk broadly convex on each side, thus forming a median broadly obtuse-angulated emargination.
peruanicus can be distinguished from the other species of the genus by the following combination of characters: many (8-16) cross veins in the fore wings, penes lobes completely fused, with posterior margin straight, and styliger plate with a broad median emargination posteriorly.
15A); male subgenital plate spatulate, apex with a broad, V-shaped emargination (Fig.