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Obsolete term once used to denote all radon isotopes collectively, when the term radon was restricted to the isotope radon-222, the naturally occurring intermediate of the uranium-238 radioactive series; so called because original names for radon-219, radon-220, and radon-222 were, respectively, "actinium emanation," "thorium emanation," and "radium emanation."
[L. emano, to flow out + -on]
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Born in Southern California to Panamanian parents, Blacc released his first hip-hop mixtape in 1996 and was associated with the indie hip-hop scene for many years thanks to his rap duo Emanon (alongside DJ Exile) and touring with the collective Lootpack before going solo.
And, clearly, all those involved - aged from eight to 68 and including groups from Queens Hall Arts Centre in Hexham and emaNoN Dance company - thoroughly enjoyed the experience.
Builders including Long Island Home Builders Care, Ornstein-Leyton Companies, Avalon Bay Communities, Crystal Bay Homes and Emanon Equities, participated in this project.
Outside work, she dances for a contemporary dance performance group, emaNoN, and is a keen gardener.
Washington Trust's Commercial Real Estate Group recently provided $4,800,000 in commercial mortgage financing to Emanon Associates, L.
Built in 1916, the eight-story, 75,000 square foot office property, with its distinctive ninth story tower, has been owned by Emanon Associates, LP for more than 20 years.
emaNoN dance relaunched in September and welcomes dancers of all ages, backgrounds and ability.
com); Carmen Rizzo (producer and remixer; Paul Oakenfold, BT, Tiesto, Coldplay); Aloe Blacc (MC, vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and producer; Emanon, Stones Throw); James Leach, senior director of writer/publisher relations; SESAC Inc.
Even with newer technologies available every day, the cost efficiencies and ease of implementation associated with analog and T1-based voice services make them a must for solution providers like me," says David Halpern, president of Emanon Systems, a BusinessGuardian Authorized Reseller in Santa Cruz, CA.
a large manufacturer of polished diamond and diamond jewelry; divisional president of Jacor Products Group, a division of Jabel Incorporated; and managing director at Emanon (H.
March 22 /PRNewswire/ -- Grant Martin, President of Liberty Trust Mortgage of Brentwood, TN, announced today the expansion of operations with the launch of Emanon Mortgage in Goodlettsville, TN.
Liberty Trust Mortgage combined with Emanon Mortgage will process over $150 million worth of residential mortgages in 2007 and has an extensive network of relationships with the country's top lenders.