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In embryology, delimitation of a specific area in an organ-forming field, giving definite shape and limits to the organ primordium.
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One group of abolitionists who were also emancipationists comprised the followers of the seer Emanuel Swedenborg.
The civil rights, black power, feminist, antiwar, gay rights, and environmentalist movements gave rise to emancipationist liberal theologies.
But of course one could pose the question again: why were faculties so susceptible to that brand of emancipationist rhetoric?
When British settler attacked British settler in the polemics of the frontier press--editor Godlonton's "perfidious" Xhosa versus emancipationist Philip's "noble Hottentot", or Khoi--what legacy of English liberalism should we value today?
ATHE wearing of trousers by women, mainly as a cycling outfit, became a reality when Mrs King, an ardent emancipationist and secretary of the Rational Dress Society, launched a campaign for the liberation of women from what she saw as the prison of fashion.
The UDI developed as a result of the emancipationist movement and the active involvement of women in the anti-fascist struggle following World War Two.
While also in the emancipationist camp, Herrera-Sobek elaborates a critical approach that recognizes the poetic integrity and possibilities of the text itself in addition to the complex network of symbolic systems that interest Quintana.
The book explores how his ethical beliefs defined and energized black emancipationist strategies to unionize black workers and to end the segregation and discrimination that afflicted the general African American population.
More recently, he had joined a gradual emancipationist group in St.