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The first difficulty of formula (1) is that the ellipticity values can be calculated only for the periods generated by the Fast Fourier Transform (FFT).
lambda]] is the measured ellipticity (in millidegrees) at the given wavelength [lambda], MRW is the mean residue molecular weight (114 for BSA), l is the cell path in mm, and c is the protein concentration in g/L.
The angles [chi] and [varphi] are called the ellipticity and azimuth of the light, respectively, and the representation may be made either in terms of [a.
Note that for D1102 and G1652, there is a range of Bragg spacings because of the ellipticity of the first-order "ring.
x) satisfies the same strong ellipticity property as in (1.
2 percent increase in yield relative to the circular logs was recorded for the optimally rotated logs with an ellipticity ratio of 0.
The approximate molar ellipticity of bound thyroxine was calculated by assuming that under these conditions one-half of the thyroxine added was bound to HSA.
It has been previously shown (23) that the ellipticity of the iso-intensity lines for an image as a function of the distance from the point of impact of the laser beam is characteristic of the mop phology.
Here c depends on the norm bounds for the boundary integral operators B and N, the ellipticity constant for A, and the constant in the trace theorem (2.
4) degrees of ellipticity was measured at four hardwood sawmills.