eligible person

eligible person,

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She went out occasionally with friends she had made in the work-room, and had met a young man, an electrical engineer in a very good way of business, who was a most eligible person.
As to the facility with which mortals escape knowledge, try an average acquaintance in the intellectual blaze of London, and consider what that eligible person for a dinner-party would have been if he had learned scant skill in "summing" from the parish-clerk of Tipton, and read a chapter in the Bible with immense difficulty, because such names as Isaiah or Apollos remained unmanageable after twice spelling.
Winkle, as an especially eligible person to intrust the secret to, that he was resolved to cut the throat of any gentleman, except Mr.
The first eligible person at each location will receive two tickets to American Idol Live on August 1 at the Time Warner Cable Arena.
They are the ones for whom we must close the gap, one eligible person, one family, one opportunity at a time.
Any eligible person who is not currently registered to receive the Perfect 10 newsletter from Perfect Escapes may do so by going to http://www.
All unexercised options granted by the Corporation under the previous option plan will be converted, without further formality, into options under the New Option Plan on a one-for-one basis to the extent the beneficiary of such option is an eligible person under the New Option Plan.
If a person eligible for payment dies, heirs of the deceased person must notify the Claims Conference within six months of the death of the eligible person or by September 30, 2006, whichever is sooner, in order to receive payment.
The BSP said, The facility allows returning OFWs and their families from Libya to exchange their LYD holdings to PHP (Philippine peso) up to a maximum equivalent amount of P20,000 per eligible person .
Nehemiah's sole mission is to provide assistance to every eligible person or family who seeks the American dream of homeownership.
Shri Tomar stated that this is being done to interact with the pensioners and to ensure that no eligible person is left out.