eligibility rules

eligibility rules,

n.pl the conditions that define who may be entitled to dental benefits, when persons first become entitled to such benefits, and any provisions that determine how long an individual remains entitled to benefits.
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We know how much Jordan Clarkson wants to play for the country, but right now, the eligibility rules of FIBA limit this possibility.
residents with health problems, Medicaid benefits eligibility rules can be so powerful that they determine whether a significant percentage of older couples stay married or get divorced.
The ISU eligibility rules ban skaters from international speed skating events such as the Olympic Games or the World Championship, if they participate in international speed skating events that are not approved by the ISU.
Guild leaders have said repeatedly that they have no intention of changing the eligibility rules because they want to persuade non-members to become members and because--unlike the DGA or SAG-AFTRA--the WGA is the ultimate arbiter of screenplay credits.
While the Healthy NY website provides a full description of the program's eligibility rules, this new screening tool allows a user to understand how the eligibility rules apply to his or her specific situation.
Others simply do not meet the DEC's eligibility rules and eligibility guidance for the BCP.
Although the grantor trust transfer in the ruling did not generate any adverse tax consequences, tax advisers should exercise considerable caution in using this strategy for Medicaid planning purposes, because the Medicaid eligibility rules can vary from state to state.
Consultations on whether to bring Sipps within the scope of the FSA is part of a wider exercise looking at reforming the eligibility rules governing which companies could set up tax-privileged pension schemes
There are a wealth of tax-advantaged retirement savings options, each with its own eligibility rules, investment limits and payout rules.
These and other important questions about eligibility rules, determination and monitoring procedures can be addressed in an eligibility audit performed by a qualified external vendor--assuming you've laid the groundwork (see sidebar on page 43).
But labor experts and union leaders are concerned that a Bush administration effort to change overtime eligibility rules could eventually trickle down to the state level, as local politicians seek to boost California's business-friendly image.
The Supreme Court of Canada ruling closes Canada's legal system to a woman seeking changes in the Employment Insurance eligibility rules on the basis that they were discriminatory against women and parents.
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