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entitlement of an individual to receive services based on that individual's enrollment in a health care plan.


Vox populi Having a required qualification


(el′ĭ-jĭ-bĭl) [L. eligibilis]
Qualified to be considered a candidate for a role, e.g., membership in a professional society or enrollment in an insurance program or a research study.
eligibility (el″ĭ-jĭ-bil′ĭt-ē)

Patient discussion about eligibility

Q. Would people with bipolar disorder be considered eligible to compete in the olympics? I am a shuttle relay state champion. I won many cups in state and country level. My long-time-goal is to have my name at least on the Olympics list. But here is a new problem to spoil my goal. I am diagnosed as bipolar-I. Now my worry is would people with bipolar disorder be considered eligible to compete in the Olympics? Or will I be able to compete in the Special Olympics?

A. wow...good question...can mental health patient be a special Olympic athletes. i think you should check it out with simple phone call, here is how to locate a special Olympics Program near you:

More discussions about eligibility
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These and other important questions about eligibility rules, determination and monitoring procedures can be addressed in an eligibility audit performed by a qualified external vendor--assuming you've laid the groundwork (see sidebar on page 43).
The changes may also affect students and institutions in ways other than Pell Grant eligibility.
Although the IRS Electronic Tax Administration (ETA) governs and sets e-filing eligibility requirements, the IRS Office of Professional Responsibility has jurisdiction over Circular 230.
In other instances, TANF workers, whose traditional function primarily concerned eligibility determination, are being retrained to provide more intensive clinically oriented case management services.
Although the CCRA has taken some steps, such as stopping all aspects of reviewing the eligibility of current DTC recipients until the Committee is comfortable with the redesigned application form, the Department of Finance position is "far less satisfactory and far less responsive to addressing our concerns about DTC policies.
Access to correct eligibility data up front creates labor savings and results in fewer denied claims and bad debt, Don Woodlock, IDX's managing director of iSolutions, said in a statement.
SSDI work incentives include a 1-year trial work period, 36 months of extended eligibility for Medicare benefits, a Medicare buy-in program, and deduction of work expenses (SSA, 1991).
This provision may allow a person to establish or keep SSI eligibility and even increase the SSI payment.
PAS programs limit access and define target groups primarily through various eligibility criteria.
On behalf of Tax Executives Institute, I am pleased to submit the following comments on the eligibility of employers engaged in commercial activities to claim Input Tax Credits with respect to Goods and Services Tax paid to suppliers of services necessary to administer employer-sponsored pension plans.
MINNEAPOLIS -- ABILITY([R]) Network Inc, the nation's largest and most secure health network, announced today the launch of ABILITY COMPLETE[TM] a new solution offering a comprehensive workflow tool that facilitates real-time, patient eligibility and benefit verification for skilled nursing facilities, home healthcare agencies and hospice providers.
com offers a Web-based computer service that allows students, counselors, parents, and coaches to track a student-athlete's eligibility as early as freshmen year.