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Pert. to diets that are easy to digest or predigested; rudimentary or simple.


emanating from or pertaining to elements.

elemental diet
see elemental diet.

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Q. what consider to be a good nutrition for children? does it has to include some specific nutrition elements?

A. there's many things you should consider about children's nutrition, the amount of books written about kids nutrition can fill a library...
vitamins, organic vs industrial, fast food vs home made etc.
here are 2 video libraries that i'm sure you'll find all the info you seek in them-



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Experiment 2 intends to evaluate whether the subjects continue operating elementally in an experimental condition in which they receive information about AB that is subsequently contradicted by the information of the elements.
The purpose of this study was to investigate young adolescents' self-concept and classroom environment perceptions as they transitioned from two different elementally organizational structures into one middle school.
18) Why is war so elementally fascinating to men, as van Creveld posits it to be?
This is the Corpus Juris elementally opposed by G Swanson and others of the "resistance movement".
We see this third category as New Western Dry gins--ones that are elementally juniper, but the supporting botanicals are what truly characterize them.
We see this third category as New Western Dry gins - ones that are elementally juniper, but the supporting botanicals are what truly characterize them.
Although the definition appears convoluted, when broken down elementally it is relatively simple: 1) any ongoing organization of three or more people, 2) with a common sign or symbol, 3) with one of its primary activities being the commission of one of 25 specified crimes, and 4) which engages in a pattern of criminal gang activity.
Islam is inherently political because as a religion it is irresistibly and elementally social and corporate, so it is natural to expect the democratic institutions that emerge in Muslim societies to be religiously inflected, sometimes strongly so.
It's tempting to see the framed scene as some have seen the Bowden family reunion, an occasion in which Jewett elevates, iconographically, a rural New England ritual into something elementally Christian (perhaps specifically Anglo-Norman) and nationally foundational.
The principles are so simple, so elementally fair, that they seem more self-evident than radical when articulated by one of the workers: "We formed the co-operative with the criteria of equal wages and making basic decisions by assembly; we are against the separation of manual and intellectual work; we want a rotation of positions and, above all, the ability to recall our elected leaders.
A number of contemporary artists have experimented with using computers to make traditional-painting-like objects; essentially giving up the images and image traces that informed earlier work made by the same method, Guyton's present solution is elementally simple and gives his works a brute power, even while the unraveling of their dark surfaces demands careful visual examination.
There is something so elementally boyish in searching out the biggest and tallest, poring over maps and measurements, dubbing these trees with names lifted from J.