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Pert. to diets that are easy to digest or predigested; rudimentary or simple.


emanating from or pertaining to elements.

elemental diet
see elemental diet.

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Q. what consider to be a good nutrition for children? does it has to include some specific nutrition elements?

A. there's many things you should consider about children's nutrition, the amount of books written about kids nutrition can fill a library...
vitamins, organic vs industrial, fast food vs home made etc.
here are 2 video libraries that i'm sure you'll find all the info you seek in them-



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Namely, to obtain modern comparative material which could be elementally analysed and compared with samples of carnelian beads from archaeological contexts in West and West-Central Africa.
in the book's title, immediately pitches the comparison in the elementally competitive terms Hemingway thrived on, but Fitzgerald shrank from.
My technique for study of epiphany borrows from French phenomenologist Gaston Bachelard a threefold focus on (1) elements, namely earth, water, air, fire--along with elementally related imagery such as rainbows; (2) motions--vertical or horizontal, rapid or gentle, sudden or gradual; and (3) shapes--often geometric, such as circles or spheres.
In The Chosen Place Merle is elementally identified with the land: Both land and woman are ravaged by the effects of colonialism; her spirit is imbued with the spirit of the place (to know the island Saul must know her first).
83) Thus if the crime analytically, elementally, or definitionally requires two or more parties, then the required parties cannot, merely by participating, possibly "help" an activity to which they are by definition essential.
Yet the countercultural aspect of environmentalism also sometimes cuts across class lines to engage those who feel screwed by the direction of society, or who have an uneasy sense that the materialist life-focus is elementally flawed.
shadow, with the awe not of religion, but of the elementally holy.
However, suppliers have now stated that dioxin is not currently a concern, even though the dioxin issue is not completely settled (the EPA determined last year that the dioxin found in absorbent products presented no risk, but it will be issuing new findings later this year), and mills have begun producing elementally chlorine free (ECF) pulp as a higher quality, but equally safe, product.
Wall Street know-how is elementally important to devising the necessary investment vehicle.
For James Scott, the cornerstone of the 'moral' economy was an attitude of a subsistence and basically risk-averse-peasantry which was elementally geared towards enhancing safety and the reliability of its subsistence [Scott (1976)].
The adventure unfolds in six elementally themed regions of Mata Nui, including high mountains, great lakes, and mighty volcanoes.
Ortak specialise in beautifully crafted sterling silver designs and elegant coloured enamel pieces in the popular Elementally Ortak range.