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1. The contraction in volume in a protein solution during proteolysis due to the formation of new charged groups.
2. The reversible change in dimensions of a substance or material when an electric field is applied to it.
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2] is representative for the apparent electrostriction coefficient of the samples of isotactic propylene that have been investigated.
An example of how this can be done to study the influence of electromechanical resonances on an electrostriction measurement can be found in Kloos (19).
The generated pressure in the photoacoustic process can be described by the following wave equation, where electrostriction (26) is ignored:
Taylor expansion and interaction diagram, electrostatic Maxwell stresses and quadratic electrostriction
On the basis of their sound mechanical properties and high dielectric constants, the modified MWNTs/epoxy composites were deemed as candidate materials for high charge-storage capacitors and electrostriction artificial muscles.