colloidal metal

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col·loi·dal met·al

a colloidal solution of a metal obtained by passing electric sparks between terminals of the metal in distilled water.
Synonym(s): electrosol
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In the autodish category, Reckitt Benckiser rolled out Electrosol with Jet Dry Action and is expanding the brand with a new green apple fragrance.
This month, Reckitt is launching several Electrosol products in a Green Apple fragrance, such as 20-count Powerball, 20-count Gelpac and 75-oz.
Researchers at Electrosols, a biotechnology company (uses living things to make products) in Oxford, England, have developed a medicinal spray that covers wounds and acts like new skin.
The spray-on solution from Electrosols, a biotechnology company based in Haslemere, Surrey, provides a base on which collagen-making cells called fibroblasts can grow.