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Relating to electrophoresis, as an electrophoretic separation.
Synonym(s): ionophoretic


Relating to electrophoresis, as an electrophoretic separation.
Synonym(s): ionophoretic.


(i-lek″trŏ-fŏ-rē′sĭs) [ electro- + Gr. phorēsis, being carried]
The movement of charged colloidal particles through the medium in which they are dispersed as a result of changes in electrical potential. Electrophoretic methods are useful in the analysis of protein mixtures because protein particles move with different velocities depending on their mass and charge. electrophoretic (-ret′ik), adjective

gel electrophoresis

The separation of whole or fragmented molecules, such as nucleic acids, through an electrically charged gel. The smaller the molecule, the faster its migration through the gel.
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In order for electrophoretic deposition to occur, CdSe nanocrystals in the suspension must acquire an electric charge.
In this study, we demonstrate that the electrophoretic technique combined with the electrolytic technique can be used to fabricate a complete coating similar in structure to TBC.
16] was to elucidate the influence of the IL concentration on the electrophoretic behaviour of four arylpropionic acids and to identify the interaction between the analytes and the IL cation.
By 2014, e-paper made with electrophoretic materials will have reached almost $2 billion, with liquid crystal-based e-paper at $1.
Electrophoretic DNA migration is proportional to the level of DNA damage producing cometlike images under a fluorescence microscope (magnification 200x) (Figure 2).
The new technique, temperature gradient focusing, balances the electrophoretic motion of analytes in a microchannel against the bulk flow of buffer solution through the microchannel while applying both an electric field and a temperature gradient along the length of the channel.
Electrophoretic techniques would have the advantage of allowing the bacteria to remain intact, be analyzed quickly, efficiently, and with broad applicability.
A dissociation constant of 58 nM for a region of the insulin enhancer element was determined by the electrophoretic mobility shift assay.
For example, PCR labs use different protocols for sample preparation, DNA extraction, PCR amplification and electrophoretic analysis of PCR reaction products.
Capillary Electrophoresis (CE) is a modern analytical technique which allows the rapid and efficient separation of sample components based on differences in their electrophoretic mobility as they move or migrate through narrow-bore capillary tubes.
The following derivations are made to show that the magnetic field does have an effect on electrophoresis: it would increase the electrophoretic velocity of a moving particle.