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e) Handheld electronic thermometer probe for temperature measurement submerged Coating Plant - one piece,
Temperature -- An on-board electronic thermometer (Welch Allyn SureTemp[TM]) and an attached rack for probe cover storage makes acquisition of temperature data convenient and easy.
A classic example is the electronic thermometer, which uses a heat sensor.
The temperature of asphalt pavement layer measured by the electronic thermometer TE-100 differed from -1[degrees]C to +4[degrees]C from the temperature measured in the pavement structure by the temperature sensors.
The conflict between my nice electronic thermometer and The Weather Channel was difficult to resolve, even with my willingness to admit my thermometer might be having a few problems with precision.
Suretemp Plus 690 Electronic Thermometer (#01690-300),
The Fastemp Electronic Thermometer, manufactured by Kendall LTP, Hazelwood, MO, consists of a probe connected by a coiled cable to a handheld instrument with associated electronics and display.
The crater crawler will also sport an instrument for analyzing the mass of small particles in the gases, as well as an electronic thermometer that can measure the temperature of the lava lake from a distance, says project manager James Osborn of Carnegie Mellon.
Ultimate electronic thermometer - the latest invention with permanent digital display of the lowest, highest and current temperatures.
Zad 1 - Apparatus for measuring blood pressure - electronic, medical stethoscope, electronic thermometer for the Department of Neurology
5 - Laryngoscope for adults to difficult intubation, electronic thermometer, pulse oximeter on your finger for the Department of anesthesiology and intensive care cardiac surveillance

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