electronic number

e·lec·tron·ic num·ber

the number of electrons in the outermost orbit (valence shell) of an element.
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Street names and electronic number plates for buildings with QR codes being mounted, to help residents to share their addresses electronically.
I CAN assure Fred Copley (Letters, February 2) that West Midlands Police does check for uninsured drivers with electronic number plate recognition.
Behroozian confirmed that a pilot will be launched for the smart or electronic number plates by year-end.
New technologies that support this channel include electronic number dispensing systems and queue management systems.
To install Smart or electronic number plates on vehicles to restrict speeds on Dubai roads.
Sultan's performance consisted of an electronic number, with which he opened, followed by four sketches which synthesised the oud with electronic beats and textures, and all inspired by the music of Iraq, which, Sultan says, "I've studied in depth and have a strong affinity for.
Some of the features of the new pharmacy include five consultancy counters serving more than one patient at the same time and providing private medication counselling to patients; comfortable patient waiting areas with separate seating for males and females; and electronic number system for prescriptions.
The lively electronic number, accompanied by a seizure-inducing red-and-blue lightshow, prompted even the most stationary audience members to bounce among the ecstatically pogo-ing horde.
So before then we are likely to have electronic number plate readers leading to drivers getting bills in the post.
So before then we are likely to have electronic number plate readers leading to drivers getting bills in the post, those who drive off peak getting lower bills in a bid to keep the highways flowing.
CIE currently has licenses to operate up to 65 gaming locations, including the existing 45 Sports Books and numbers games outlets, branded sports betting and electronic number based game activities, which include gaming machines of which they have an installed base of approximately 7,000.
Electronic number boards displaying this information fitted in well with his drive to provide more reliable information for punters.
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