electronic mail

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electronic mail (email, e-mail, E-mail)

messages sent by one user of a computerized communications system and retrieved almost instantaneously by other users. The messages may be transmitted via modem through telephone lines, a wireless network, or, in some instances, by shortwave radio. See also electronic bulletin board.
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Employees on office electronic mail get access to it through computer terminals that are right there, turned on, and ready to go.
In addition to the electronic mail facilities that allow committee members to keep in touch, the system allows them to send fax and telex messages to groups and individuals around the world easily and economically.
The study reveals that the greater the size of the corporation using electronic mail, the stronger the likelihood that the lion's share of messaging is intra-company in nature.
We believe that DaVinci eMAIL for the Macintosh brings the most advanced feature set to the market of any electronic mail product for the Macintosh available today," said Bill Nussey, President and CEO of DaVinci Systems.
DaVinci eMAIL provides the electronic mail client for DOS and Windows, Quickmail by CE Software provides the electronic mail client for Macintosh, and Workman by Reach provides development tools with workflow capabilities.
Auraline's direct marketing service using electronic mails, so called richmedia direct E marketing service (RDM), is to send direct mails that usually delivered as regular mail via the Internet as electronic mail form.
Delivering electronic mail service at the same cost as first class will ultimately affect postal services everywhere.
In this role, McRae will be responsible for all engineering and development of the Xign eCheck solution, the first business-to-business payment instrument offering a secure, reliable and cost effective way to settle payments via electronic mail.
TDS) subsidiary, availability of NetSwitch FT, a fault tolerant version of its world class electronic mail integration and transaction processing system.
With electronic commerce heading for the trillion dollar mark, and companies already crumbling under a relentless avalanche of electronic mail messages, the current spate of automated customer response systems can no longer handle the load easily, efficiently, or cost-effectively.
1 /PRNewswire/ -- Members of the CompuServe Information Service can now exchange electronic mail messages and files with users of two other international electronic mail networks: Infonet and Germany's Deutsche Bundespost -- via X.

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