electronic mail

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electronic mail (email, e-mail, E-mail)

messages sent by one user of a computerized communications system and retrieved almost instantaneously by other users. The messages may be transmitted via modem through telephone lines, a wireless network, or, in some instances, by shortwave radio. See also electronic bulletin board.
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Employees on office electronic mail get access to it through computer terminals that are right there, turned on, and ready to go.
In addition to the electronic mail facilities that allow committee members to keep in touch, the system allows them to send fax and telex messages to groups and individuals around the world easily and economically.
Not only has the use of electronic mail made this information readily available, it has also eliminated the need for additional employees to work inefficiently on the telephone and to manually develop printed reports.
John Malone, president of EMG, notes, "It's not surprising to find that of those organizations with over 50,000 employees that currently do not utilize electronic mail, close to 100 percent are either planning or considering its future use.
Jakub Klos, President of Icewarp, and the brains of Merak, said: "These advanced additions reflect the positive growth curve the company continues to experience and puts into place the framework of fast, reliable and secure electronic mail for decades to come.
Xign's payment software is the first electronic check solution in use by the United States government and has successfully conducted millions of dollars of payments via electronic mail.
com, the specialist in electronic mail solutions provides a number of solutions -- from standard to added value -- for operators and portals.
In comparison to traditional automated customer service systems that track electronic mail content -- such as Kana Communications (Nasdaq:KANA), eGain Communications (Nasdaq:EGAN), and Brightware, Inc.
com, the first Set Top Box Electronic Mail optimized for television display, to now include a simple but powerful personal information manager.
a Bellevue-based Web design and development company, today announced that it now offers secure, Web-based electronic mail.
amp;uot;And with the volume of electronic mail expected to rise by as much as 600% by 2001, traditional systems are simply not equipped to provide e-commerce managers with the responsiveness and controls they need.
Electronic Mail & Messaging Systems (EMMS) reports there were 382 million electronic mailboxes as of March 21, 1999, up significantly from 263 million as of September 30, 1998.

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