electronic fetal monitor

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e·lec·tron·ic fe·tal mon·i·tor

an instrument for continuous monitoring of the fetal heart before or during labor.

electronic fetal monitor

An electronic device used during labor to monitor fetal heartbeat and maternal uterine contractions.

electronic fetal monitor (EFM)

Etymology: Gk, elektron + L, fetus + monere, to warn
a device that allows observation of the fetal heart rate and the maternal uterine contractions. It may be applied externally or internally. With an external monitor the fetal heart is detected by an ultrasound transducer positioned on the abdomen. Internal monitoring of the fetal heart rate is accomplished via an electrode clipped to the fetal scalp.
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Alben Haverkamp of the University of Colorado and others, studies indicate that the use of technology such as the epidural anesthesia and the electronic fetal monitor correlate to a higher incidence of cesarean section.
com/research/c4b6cr/fetal_monitoring) has announced the addition of the "Fetal Monitoring Market by Product (Ultrasound, Electronic Fetal Monitors, Electrodes, Doppler, Uterine Contraction, Telemetry), Portability, Method (Invasive), Application (Antepartum, Intrapartum), End User (Hospital, Clinics) - Forecast to 2019" report to their offering.
Use of electronic fetal monitors is more than 85 percent on low-risk women.
SIMI VALLEY - Simi Valley Hospital will hold its first charity golf tournament Monday to raise money for electronic fetal monitors in its Women's Unit.

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