electron volt

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 (V) [vōlt]
the SI unit of electric potential or electromotive force, equal to 1 watt per ampere, or 1 joule per coulomb.
electron volt (eV) a unit of energy equal to the energy acquired by an electron in being accelerated through a potential difference of 1 volt; equal to 1.602 × 10−19 joule.
gigaelectron volt (GeV) one billion electron volts (109 eV).
kiloelectron volt (keV) one thousand electron volts (103 eV).
megaelectron volt (MeV) one million electron volts (106 eV).

electron volt (eV)

a unit of energy equal to the energy acquired by an electron falling through a potential difference of 1 volt. One eV equals 1.6 × 10-12 erg or 1.6 × 10-19 J.

electron volt

The energy acquired by an electron as it passes through a potential of 1 V.
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On July 2, in their final analysis, Fermilab physicists reported that they could narrow the Higgs mass range only to between 115 billion and 135 billion electron volts, with a statistical significance of 2.
The theory is that hidden black holes, which scientists call Compton-thick objects, are responsible for the peak at 30,000 electron volts.
The LHC is capable of collisions at 14 trillion electron volts (TeV), but some of the machine's most extraordinary discoveries could be made at much lower energy levels.
Myers, all of the magnets for the collider were trained to an energy above seven trillion electron volts before being installed, but when engineers tried to take one of the rings' eight sectors to a higher energy last year, some magnets unexpectedly failed.
One of the craft's detectors recorded a 100-fold surge in the intensity of certain charged particles--electrons greater than 350,000 electron volts and protons ranging in energy from 40,000 eV to more than 70 million eV.
Brighter colors indicate higher numbers of gamma rays at energies above 200 million electron volts.
05 electron volts (eV), or about a 10-millionth the mass of the electron.
Compared to the number of cosmic rays at lower energies, more particles striking the LAT had energies greater than 100 billion electron volts (100 GeV) than expected based on previous experiments and traditional models.
Washington, Dec 17 (ANI): Scientists in the UK have successfully demonstrated energy recovery on the ALICE advanced particle accelerator design, creating a beam with a total energy of 11 million electron volts.
The mass of these fleeting particles--expressed in energy units--was almost 115 billion electron volts (GeV), or about the mass of an antimony atom.