electron transfer flavoprotein

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electron transfer flavoprotein (ETF)

a component of a side chain of redox reactions by which electrons are funneled to ubiquinone and thus the electron transport chain. Electrons from acyl coenzyme A (CoA) thioesters and choline are transferred via the flavin of acyl CoA dehydrogenases, dimethylglycine dehydrogenase, and sarcosine dehydrogenase to the flavin adenine dinucleotide prosthetic group of ETF, which is then oxidized by reduction of electron transfer flavoprotein ubiquinone oxidoreductase. Deficiency of ETF results in glutaric aciduria, type II.
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Deficiencies of some of the enzymes and cofactors involved in the choline metabolic pathway, such as sarcosine dehydrogenase deficiency and electron transfer flavoprotein (ETF) deficiency, have been described in the literature (2).

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