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The model put forth by Cole and Curtis (1938) includes the observations that the membrane potential is due to an electromotive force (the equilibrium potential due to the unequal distribution of ions) and is equivalent to a battery that is in series with a conductance (proteinaceous ion channels) and in parallel with a capacitor (as a result of the lipid bilayer).
In pursuit of its vision for a lower-carbon future, the company is advancing electromotive technologies in many forms and will introduce an advanced new fuel cell car in 2016.
Striving to realize the joy and freedom of mobility and a sustainable society where people can enjoy life, Honda has been committed to the development of sustainable energy technologies and electromotive technologies for mobility products.
In addition the system has a source of electromotive force applied so that a current I is flowing through the wires: in one of the wires I flows in the positive * direction and in the other wire I flows in the negative x direction.
A global leader in powertrain and electromotive technologies, Honda produces more than 25 million engines annually for its three product lines.
It includes Acergy, Aecon, Rio Tinto, the Atlanta Airport, the City of Montreal, the County of San Mateo, Electromotive Diesel, EXFO, FT Services, Kelly Services, Koch, Merck Frosst, the Government of Quebec, Georgia Pacific, Parker Hannifin, Rolls Royce, Sobeys, Volvo Novabus, Zimmer Inc.
Toyota is displaying approximately 50 production and concept vehicles including the Zelas launched in late March, while Honda is displaying its Fit EV Concept battery electric vehicle, hybrid vehicles and other environmentally friendly automobiles and electromotive technologies.
The testing is in real-world environments and will concentrate on motorcycles, automobiles and power products based on electromotive technologies.
A single cell has an electromotive force of less than one volt and an output of only a few watts, so cells are connected sequentially in a stack to increase voltage and power output.
Di Stasi and colleagues have studied the impact of electromotive MMC.
Simulator of vibration imbalance: Electromotive grinder "WALTER SLW150 R" (revolution/energy:2950 min-1/150 W; loading: console -ballast).
While an electric motor is rotating, whether powered or not, an electromotive force is generated.