A mutant form of a protein, phenotypically distinguished by its electrophoretic mobility.
[electro- + G. morphē, form, shape]
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Isolates for which 1 signal was observed for a given locus on the electromorph were considered homozygous for this locus by analogy with what is reported for another diploid yeast, C.
Efficiency of SSCP procedures to identify sequence variants was assessed by sequencing multiple representatives of each electromorph and comparing patterns of sequence divergence among them.
Each electromorph was considered to represent a distinct allele of the same enzyme.
While purely speculative, the hypothesis that slower Gpi electromorphs may be favored in subtidal conditions is indirectly supported by comparison of Mytilus Gpi electromorphs with those of the horse mussel, Modiolus modiolus.
The two IDH isoenzymes were interpreted using digestive gland and muscle for each individual, because both IDH electromorphs migrate together and Idh-2 is expressed only in the muscle (Shaw & Prassad 1970).
Variation of microsatellite size homoplasy across electromorphs, loci, and populations in three invertebrate species.