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They also had electromechanical coupling with the original host heart.
Contract notice: Imaging system for ultra-fast, simultaneous measurement of epifluorescence and confocal images for the study of electromechanical coupling in the heart.
The combined fields focus and boost neurostimulation currents via tuned electromechanical coupling in neural tissue.
The MEMS oscillators utilize IDT's patented piezoelectric MEMS (pMEMS) resonator technology, which combines the strong electromechanical coupling of a piezoelectric material with the stability and low damping of single- crystal silicon to create a passive frequency source of unparalleled performance and reliability.
Equation (1) is used for calculating of electromechanical coupling factor [k.
where it was possible to evaluate mainly the electromechanical coupling, we observed that EO-21 was less potent in provoking relaxation.
Because of the strong electromechanical coupling effect intrinsically existed in ferroelectric materials, the incompatible strains activated by electric field inevitably lead to incompatible stresses, and that stress field interferes with the applied electric field [17].
11] is the electromechanical coupling factor of the piezoelectric medium.
A significant reorientation of domains is achieved during polarization of single crystal materials, resulting in higher electromechanical coupling factors (applied electrical energy is converted into mechanical or acoustic energy) of 90% or more, as compared to 70% for polarized conventional piezoceramics.
Relaxor ferroelectrics exhibit useful physical properties, such as a high dielectric constant over a wide range of temperature and large electromechanical coupling constants.
Energy harvesting devices based on piezoelectric materials are thoroughly studied due to their high energy density per unit volume, linearity of electromechanical coupling, linear stress-strain relationship in the elastic domain, large strain rates and relatively low resonance frequencies (Roundy et al.
The property of importance is the electromechanical coupling coefficient of the films, which is a function of the processing temperature.
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