electromagnetic flowmeter

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e·lec·tro·mag·net·ic flow·me·ter

a flowmeter in which a magnetic field is applied to a blood vessel to measure flow in terms of the voltage developed by the blood as a conductor moving through the magnetic field.


pertaining to or emanating from electromagnetism.

electromagnetic flowmeter
measures the electromagnetic force generated when the blood flowing through a vessel of known diameter passes through a magnetic field at right angles to the magnetic lines of force.
electromagnetic radiation
transport of energy through space. Examples are x-rays, radio waves.
electromagnetic receptors
receptors which perceive electromagnetic stimuli.
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Description: Wast Flowmeter # Naoh, Endress + Hauser 53h04-1wl9/0, Promag 53h04, Dn04 5/32", Electromagnetic Flowmeter, Pfa Liner, E Process Connection: Cl.
Endress+Hauser has introduced the Promag 53 electromagnetic flowmeter with EtherNet/IP connectivity for easy integration with the Rockwell Automation PlantPAx process automation system.
In the mid 1990s, the industry turned to a new generation of filling control systems that employ volumetric measurement via electromagnetic flowmeters (EMF).
With its molecular construction, the Zeta is available in three base sizes with 2-16 heads and either mass or electromagnetic flowmeters.
Both Liquid Controls -- a producer of positive displacement, turbine and electromagnetic flowmeters and electronic registration systems -- and Corken -- a manufacturer of positive displacement rotary vane and turbine pumps and compressors -- have much in common.
Contract notice: Development of project-estimate modernize the exchange of electromagnetic flowmeters and customize the installation of data to a computer in the facilities on the premises of the central street.
In addition, we broke ground for an expansion of our plant in the Czech Republic in response to steadily increasing sales of the electromagnetic flowmeters that are manufactured at this location.
Table 27: Japanese Recent Past, Current & Future Analysis for Blood Flow Measurement Devices by Product Segment - Doppler Flowmeters, Laser Flowmeters and Electromagnetic Flowmeters Markets Independently analyzed with Annual sales Figures in US$ million for Years 2000 through 2010 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) III-15
Contract notice: 15032c supply of ultrasound and electromagnetic flowmeters for water production facilities eurometropole strasbourg.
sro, a Brno- based manufacturer of high quality electromagnetic flowmeters.
Contract notice: "supply of electromagnetic flowmeters, and ultrasonic woltmann complete of converter flow, data logger for recording and gsm / gprs modem for data transmission, industrial photovoltaic panels for the power supply of the electrical components, software and hardware for the remote reading at the intake works operated by saca spa.
Product lines contributing to the higher 1999 sales were residential metering products including the company's TRACE(R) radio frequency automated meter reading system, commercial and industrial meters, electromagnetic flowmeters, and meters and dispensing systems for the concrete market.

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