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An obsolete apparatus for the treatment of strictures, fibromas, etc., by electrolysis.


An obsolete device once used to treat various tumours and fibrotic reactions.

electrolyzer (ionizer) (ēlek´trō-līzur),

n an electric apparatus designed for use in a root canal to break down a treatment chemical into its various ions by direct current. See also electrosterilizer.
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It ensures high dynamic response, high precision, efficiency, reliable power delivery to the electrolyzer with maximum power factor at its input.
GE's electrolyzer, which was developed by a research team at Global Research led by Richard Bourgeois, was recognized for its potential to make hydrogen production by water electrolysis economically feasible.
Hydrogenics Corporation (Nasdaq:HYGS) (TSX:HYG), Mississauga, Ont,, a leading developer and manufacturer of hydrogen generation and fuel cell products, has announced an award to supply a HySTAT(TM)-60 electrolyzer for a hydrogen fueling station to be based in southern Germany.
The power is run at low voltage through an electrolyzer, which uses electric current to break water molecules apart into hydrogen and oxygen.
The H2 Reactor is an electrolyzer that uses a unique process of electrolysis to create hydrogen and oxygen gases from water.
In field trials, the companies will use ITM's electrolyzer systems to supply hydrogen for use in diesel engines and ABRO's experience and facilities in the engineering and maintenance of vehicles of all sizes and types to provide acceptance and application of hydrogen technology in both the military and civilian arenas.
It is also the first publicly accessible direct high-pressure electrolyzer system.
This reaction takes place in a unit called an electrolyzer.
At Homosassa Springs, these PV cells power an electrolyzer that splits water into its two gaseous components, hydrogen and oxygen.
Hydrogen for the fuel cell is created by passing electricity generated by the vehicle and is used through an on-board electrolyzer, eliminating the need for an external hydrogen supply.
Hydrogenics has announced that National Research Council Canada (NRC) will take delivery of a HyLYZER electrolyzer, which will use solar power to make pure hydrogen from water.