electrodermal response

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Luigi, Italian physician and anatomist, 1737-1798.
galvanic bath - water bath that is charged with galvanic current.
galvanic current - continuous one-direction electric current.
galvanic skin response - skin's response to electric stimulation. Synonym(s): electrodermal response
galvanic-faradic test - an electrodiagnostic test of muscles.
galvanism - oral manifestations of direct current electricity occurring when dental restorations with dissimilar electric potentials (such as silver and gold) are placed in the mouth. Synonym(s): voltaism
galvanometer - an instrument used to measure current.

electrodermal response (i·lekˈ·trō·derˑ·ml r·spnsˑ),

n technique by which sensors monitor the skin's electrical resistance to treat anxiety disorders, chronic pain, hyperhidrosis, and stress. Also called
electrodermal activity therapy.
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Bierman & Radin, 1997) have shown evidence of an increase in electrodermal response amplitudes several seconds before an emotional picture is presented.
1) An explorative analysis of electrodermal response amplitudes confirmed this result.
Irregularities in respiration often result in so-called electrodermal responses (EDRs).
Because higher temperatures in the environment increase perspiration, nonspecific electrodermal responses are more likely to appear and tend to have higher amplitudes (Schaefer & Boucsein, 2000); therefore, an environmental temperature up to 26[degrees] C (79[degrees] F) is recommended (see Schmidt & Walach, 2000, p.
The authors investigated whether these EDA responses are also part of the remote influence effect and, therefore, discarded all electrodermal responses related to irregularities in respiration from the experimental data.
The effect of unconditional stimulus modality and intensity on blink startle and electrodermal responses.