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Etymology: Gk, elektron, amber
a form of energy expressed by the activity of electrons and other subatomic particles in motion, as in dynamic electricity, or at rest, as in static electricity. Electricity can be produced by heat generated by a voltaic cell or produced by induction, rubbing of nonconductors with dry materials, or chemical activity. Electricity may be negative, when there is a surplus of electrons, or positive, when there is a surplus of protons or a deficiency of electrons.


A form of energy that is generated by the interactions of positive and negative charges and that exhibits magnetic, chemical, mechanical, and thermal effects.

frictional electricity

Static electricity generated by rubbing two objects together.

galvanic electricity

Electricity generated by chemical action.

induced electricity

Electricity generated in a body from another body nearby without contact between them.

magnetic electricity

Electricity induced by a magnetic device.

negative electricity

An electric charge caused by an excess of negatively charged electrons.

positive electricity

An electric charge caused by loss of negatively charged electrons.

static electricity

Electricity generated by friction of certain materials.

Patient discussion about electricity

Q. Is electric shock efficient for ocd? Is it dangerous? My husband has OCD for 15 years now. He was also diagnosed with mania-depressia. He takes so many medications and nothing really helps. We were offered to try electric shock and I'm scared. Is it dangerous? What are the chances of this method to work for him?

A. Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) is indeed considered effective for OCD, although it's not the first line of treatment. It does have its risks, including memory loss, disorientation and sort of confusion. There is also a change in the activity of the heart but it's rarely significant.

Generally it can be said that it's not an absolutely safe treatment, but it may help, especially if other drugs don't help.

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Q. Which type of toothbrush is the best? Electric or regular?

A. i think that is the most ancient debate of them all ? longer then mankind itself ?. Some people say that, other say this- but the truth is it doesn’t matter. It’s how you use the toothbrush that counts. If used properly even the simplest toothbrush can be satisfying.


A. is this the only symptom? if there are more- i recommend (the second time today!) this site:

you can make a list of the symptoms you have and it'll give you the optional diseases/syndromes

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I think the disgraceful reluctance of Westminster to agree to electrify the main line as far as Swansea has helped bring this about.
THE long-awaited decision on whether to electrify the main train line from London to South Wales is expected to be announced today.
WALES is entitled to nearly pounds 2bn in transport funding as a result of England's new highspeed rail network, Plaid Cymru claimed yesterday, adding that the money could be a further boost to plans to electrify the nation's rail lines The claim came as Welsh Secretary Cheryl Gillan came under fire for selling a house in a constituency affected by the pounds 33bn HS2 project.
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