electric shock therapy

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electric shock therapy

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Q. What is the ECT method of treatment for depression? I have a friend who is suffering from major depression and is now about to start ECT treatment. What exactly is that?

A. ECT is the electroshock therapy for treating severe depression that does not heal with medication trials. In this treatment, an electric shock is induced, in levels that are not by any means risking the patient’s life. It has been proven to be of great effectiveness in people with refractory depression (meaning that drugs no longer have a therapeutic effect) and is saved as a “last resort”.

Q. What are the side effects of electroconvulsive therapy for depression? My sister is about to have electroconvulsive therapy for treating her severe depression. Is this method safe to use? What are the side effects?

A. Known side effects of ECT include mainly short-term memory loss, disorientation and headaches. Other adverse effects are common, as are long-term memory and other neurocognitive deficits, which may persist. The American Psychiatric Association and the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence have concluded that the evidence they had suggested that the procedure, when administered according to their standards and without complications, does not cause brain damage in adults.


A. Chinese medicine and alternatives should be approached with caution, but that said, a modality that has been around for over 3,000 years must have benefits. The practitioner may possibly be a bit more suspect. Then again, nothing ventured, nothing gained. If you haven’t any experience with it, how can one have a legitimate opinion?
Remember, a hundred years ago, our very own “Doctors” cured with leaches and such… it wasn’t until they pooled their resources together and lobbied the government for the right to the name of “Doctor or Medical Practitioner”. That’s it. No science, just lobbying the politicians….

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If electric shock therapy is no longer regularly practiced, coercion to disrupt the individual's desires and attractions is certainly alive and well.
The unit looks after adults with severe mental health problems like schizophrenia and personality disorders ( and administers treatments including electric shock therapy.
We defy anyone to view the series of events we have described and tell us that the officials and that FIBA secretary general did not deserve to be sent to Sing Sing for 5,000 hours of community service (with a little bit of electric shock therapy thrown in for good measure).
Until recently, reading was the equivalent of receiving electric shock therapy or taste-testing new hybrids of sugar beets.
He underwent electric shock therapy to try and beat depression but when he asked to take early retirement on sickness grounds the bank refused to update his pension to full entitlement.
A space station-like structure in the middle of a room covered with funereal photographic enameled plaques emitted electronic sound; on the floor a film of a patient undergoing electric shock therapy was projected.
Furthermore, in the 1950s a common method of trying "to cure" gays in mental institutions was through electric shock therapy.
Just as long as other Victorian medical practices, such as bleeding, purging, leeches, premature amputation and inappropriate electric shocK therapy, are not reintroduced as well.
If you don't feel like Lara Croft by the third drop, then you need to sign up for a course of electric shock therapy.