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A stovelike apparatus containing a chamber for heating, melting, or fusing.


A stovelike apparatus containing a chamber for heating, melting, or fusing dental materials.


n an apparatus in which to generate heat.
furnace, inlay,
n a furnace used for eliminating the wax from an inlay mold and establishing the proper condition and temperature of the investment to receive the molten casting gold.
furnace, porcelain,
n a furnace used for fusing, firing, or fusion.
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Some electric heaters include circulation fans, which take a small amount of the electricity.
Unfortunately, a number of news media have mis-reported the function of these electric heaters and thereby caused confusion among many homeowners.
SMOKE alarms saved the life of an 18-month-old baby boy after part of his bedding fell on to an electric heater.
Look for other new temperature controls at the booths of Ogden Manufacturing, RKC Instrument, and Tempco Electric Heater.
Mr Bromley said: "It was directly underneath a wall-mounted electric heater, which had caused the can to overheat.
It is believed the fire was started by an electric heater setting light to items on a clothes horse standing in front of it.
It can be disassembled easily and has a quick-disconnect electric heater to control water temperature.
Today's electric heater rolls also provide precise temperature uniformity across the face of the roller to maximize product quality and web-handling performance.
Contract notice: Ime-4663 electric heater leopoldau - manufacture, delivery and installation e-heater.
It is believed to have started in the front bedroom due to an electric heater catching light.
The reason of the fire was failure to comply with safety rules when using an electric heater.
In these cases, Macintosh Electric Corp recommends the installation of additional outlets and strongly recommends using a timer and or unplugging your electric heater when the device is not in use.