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NYSE: MDT) today announced availability of the company's new Midas Rex([R]) Legend([R]) EHS Stylus Touch[TM] high-speed electric drill for spinal, cranial and orthopaedic surgical procedures.
Hand Drill Machine Portable Electric Drill Machine 6 mm capacity Pillar Electric Drill Machine 12 mm Pully Puller etc
Also stolen was a white tumble dryer, a silver coloured microwave oven, a Bosch electric drill, a Russell Hobbs steam iron, a white Sky television box, a 10ft by 6ft brown and beige square patterned rug, a green cordless telephone and cradle, a small portable halogen heater, a portable convector heater and a pendulum clock.
Crooks are torn apart, an arm is hacked off, enough bullets discharged to stage a coup, there's an acid attack and rough justice is dispensed with an electric drill.
Police found a gun, gunpowder, shotgun shells, shotgun pellets, two clocks, two spools of auto wire, an electric drill and two pressure cookers during search operation.
Raider got into premises and stole wine, leaf blower and electric drill.
And while you can get power tools that aren't entirely necessary - electric tape measures, for example - many are essential, especially an electric drill, either corded or rechargeable.
These days I think a man with most of his own teeth and who is very very clever with an electric drill might be enough to get me interested.
Saws, an electric drill, a petrol chainsaw, lump hammers and small tools were among the stolen haul
They're all dispensable except one - the electric drill.
A demand of pounds 400,000 was made and Mr Sander who was then hit with a mallet and a snooker cue before Mr Red produced an electric drill and threatened to cut off Mr Sander's head before "setting about" him with the weapon, injuring his legs.
Use an electric drill with a wood or masonry bit that is slightly smaller than the stems' diameter.

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