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n a diagnostic technique used in craniosacral therapy in which the practitioner traces energy waves back to the source of the pain. See also therapy, craniosacral.
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Modeling and Control of an Electric Arc Furnace", Proceedings of the American Control Conference, Denver, Colorado, pp 3060.
Those were the first oxide cathodes of electric arc, in which zirconium oxide was used as cathode.
Wheeling-Pittsburgh is a steel company engaged in the making, processing and fabrication of steel and steel products using both integrated and electric arc furnace technology.
Independent testing of the Amplitude fabrics was conducted by Kinectrics to test electric arc flash and North Carolina State University to evaluate flash fire protection.
3 Overalls for protection against thermal risks of an electric arc for the needs of "DGC";
Faults with time change of resistance, so called electric arc faults, belongs to most frequently incident 1poles fault at high-voltage systems with cable transmission lines.
JiangYin Xincheng Special Steel electric arc furnace (output of 110 metric tons per heat) has unique charging conditions, with a very high percentage of liquid hot metal (35% and higher).
NYSE: PX) announced today that it has licensed its 100th patented electric arc furnace (EAF) CoJet gas injection system to Nanjing Iron & Steel United Co.
The company won Steel industry website of the year , for its corporate website, and the Innovation of the year award for the automated spreader beam in the electric arc furnace in Dofasco, Canada.
From 1998 to 2004, the editors of this publication put together a Ferrous Scrap Flow Map each year that attempted to list the highest-volume electric arc furnace (EAF) steel mills in North America.
The company must either invest huge sums to bring the mill's electric arc furnace #2 into compliance with national air pollution standards, or cease making steel with that furnace.

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