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Etymology: Gk, elaunein, to drive + meros, part
a synthetic rubber; any of various soft, elastic, rubberlike polymers used in dentistry as an impression material and for maxillofacial extraoral prostheses. elastomeric, adj.


Surgery A type of silicone used in the outer shell of a breast implant. See Silicone elastomer.


Elastoplastic ring or latex ring used to hold an arch wire in a bracket ring.

elastomer (ēlas´tōmur),

n a soft, rubberlike material; synthetic rubber. A rubber base impression material (e.g., silicone, mercaptan).
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Electrical contact is achieved at assembly by compressing elastomeric connectors between the modules and the wiring boards, as shown in Figure 3.
These DC terminals are connected to the multilayered wiring boards through compressible elastomeric connectors.